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Album Detail: The Golden Path

a 2003 Single by Chemical Brothers

Album Rank Category Playcount Prior 2y 50w 6d

#1277 (-16) all-time

#700 recently

added Dec 2004

in genre

16 plays

2h 25m 39s
spent listening

4 plays

43m 12s
spent listening

Track listing


The Golden Path (Edit) (Feat. The Fla…

4m 3s long #8476 (-1865) all-time
#13129 recently
17 plays
0 recently

The Golden Path (Feat. The Flaming Lips)

4m 48s long #8806 (+2009) all-time
#2965 recently
16 plays
9 recently
Total Track Length 8m 51s
Average Track Length 4m 26s